Wasku City might look like a blast from the past, straight from the ’90-es, but I assure you it’s one of the hottest porn forums out there. They have tradition, huge number of active members and countless topics, threads and posts. Their sub-sections include porn videos, BDSM porn, hentai, non-nude porn, mature and BBW, gay porn, site rips porn, Desi, Latina, incest porn, voyeur and celebrity porn, Asian porn… As you can see, I’ve combed through their sections and discovered a lot of interesting topics, ridiculously huge amount of porn content and friendly user community.

Sure, the design isn’t going to win any awards, but Wasku City doesn’t care; all they care about is good, quality porn and they have it in abundance. Where else you’ll get to watch Moroccan porn, or amateur shots from South Africa? They also have subsections for each country and more than 340,000 discussions – if that’s not enough, they’ve listed more than 450 porn sites on their forum! They’re promising much, like being the world’s best porn forum, and I have to say that they’re delivering even more! Their name might be a bit strange, but the forum is legit and you’ll find a fucking ton of hot stuff over there

They sorted the content out for you

You can see their recent content and top-rated posts, and that is pretty much it, they don’t really have numerous filters and sorting options like regular smut sites. They do have a search bar, so you can type anything you need and you will see if they have titles with these phrases. If you check out their porn lobby, here you will see a plethora of free porn forums, such as Porn Pictures, Porn Videos, HD Porn Videos, Webcam Porn, Site Rip Porn, Asian Porn and all that jazz. These are their categories and you can choose what you like more than anything. They even have things like hentai porn and non-nude porn, which is not really porn if you ask me. What about you, mofo? Do you count non-nudes as porn? I don’t fucking care how sexy the babes are and how tempting they make their poses, to me it is not really porn if the chicks are not without their clothes! But I know there are motherfuckers who like to imagine things, so they don’t like everything out in the open because they get turned on from seeing things in their mind’s eyes. You have porn from various countries, and you can even find porn site reviews if you scroll down to check out what they have below. It’s not bad, is it? I can give them a thumbs up, they do have a little bit of everything.


  • ProsEverything is free
  • ProsCategories and sorting options are decent
  • ProsPorn from various countries


  • ConsNo SSL
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