Everyone knows Porn Hub, which is why it was so obvious to include it on our list of top sites for adult entertainment. Yes, this place is pretty much a dream for anyone that doesn’t mind sacrificing a bit of quality in order to get themselves access to millions of videos completely free of charge.

Porn Hub is the most visited porn tube on the Internet today and its decent design, huge collection of videos and commitment to providing fresh, daily content is what keeps it above and beyond the competition. You’d be hard pressed to find an archive of adult videos this big anywhere else – especially when it’s so well documented.

Let’s talk numbers and browsing tools

You know your boy so well! Nothing gets my stamp of approval until I run the numbers and I’m happy to say Pornhub’s numbers are impressive. Actually, that isn’t the right word. This is the biggest porn archive on the net today so their numbers are jaw dropping. At this very moment, there are over 7.4 million videos on Porn hub right now!

You’re probably wondering how in the world you’re supposed to find one video from that massive stash to wank off to and that’s where the arsenal of browsing tools here really comes in handy. There’s a search box that can be used to browse through every section of this monster site. Plug in a term and then choose either videos, photos, members, pornstars, GIFs or cam models from the drop down menu, hit search and viola – whatever you desire will pop up right before your eyes.

The most popular way to browse through all the content here though seems to be by jumping from one section to another. If you’re into videos for example, you can just click on the “porn videos” tab and then sort them by hottest, top rated, most viewed and so on and then find something to watch that way. The same formula works for the pics and gifs.

I personally prefer to just hit the “categories” tab and just go from there. You can check out all the categories in one go or filter them alphabetically, by popularity or by number of videos. Just an FYI here, Pornhub isn’t just for the heteros only so you’ll notice a link saying “gay categories’. That’s where you need to go if you want to see guys with dicks in their booties.

The most popular Porn Hub categories

Of the 104 categories on this tube site, 5 of them seem to be incredibly popular with porn surfers. The other categories get a ton of traffic too but visitors seem to be obsessed with the pornhub teen videos and they definitely can’t get enough of the experienced ladies featured in the pornhub milf movies. What else turns on the visitors here? All those ass stretching videos in the pornhub anal collection. And apparently drawn toons are popular too because the pornhub hentai channel is pretty well-liked too. Oh and in case you’re wondering, hentai pornhub is one of the most searched for terms when it comes to this particular site. In fact, you probably landed here because of that phrase!

Girl on girl action is a huge hit here and looking at the pornhub lesbian videos, its not hard to see why. There are over 54K videos of girls who truly enjoy pleasuring other chicks. You don’t know how a pussy is supposed to be eaten until you see a lesbo doing it on porn hub!

What makes Phub stand out?

One nifty feature that Porn Hub has is many videos come with built-in displays of where various bits of action are. Want to skip the nonsense at the start of a porn video and just get down to the blowjob, or doggy style fucking? You can with Porn Hub.

They also feature a nice mixture of amateur and professional content, but it’s clear that most of their clips come from the porn industry.

PornHub premium? ModelHub? What’s with all the hubs?

Here’s the thing about Pornhub – it’s a choose your own experience kind of site. What that basically means is you have two options when you land on their homepage. You can either surf through the videos as a lurker or you can choose to join the pornhub community.

Do that latter and you’ll find yourself faced with two more options – sign up for a free account or take your experience to the next level by grabbing a pornhub premium account. It costs just $9.99 a month and it unlocks a seemingly endless number of perks. The account creation page has a perfect illustration and break down of what perks are included with each membership level.

If you’re on the fence about joining this massive community, you should really reconsider because – in my opinion- it’s totally worth it. If you register for an account, even a free one, you can download pornhub videos and even message other members. This is one of the few tubes that actually has several verified members so you know you’re talking to real people and not some fakes.

Modelhub is the pay per video side of porn hub. This is where content creators upload their videos for sale. Most of them are amateurs and their videos cost as little as four bucks and as much as $14.99. This is the spot to be if you’re trying to curve out a name for yourself as a dick sucker or fucker. Models can upload unlimited clips for sale and get 65% of their sales in commission. You can check out the model stats to see which of these amateurs are fan favorites.

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