HxDoll makes the most lifelike, realistic, customizable male sex toys on the market today. They have a whole roster of sexy inanimate fuck toys for you to browse and (if you’re lonely and rich enough) purchase. If you thought blowup dolls were bizarre, just wait until you see the shit that Real Doll has to offer. Holy. Fucking. Shit. It is both eerie, dystopian, and kind of exciting all at the same time.

From the moment you land on HxDoll home page, you will be able to tell that this is no back-alley Mickey Mouse operation they are running here. The site design is fucking impeccable. It is everything you want a site to be. Sleek, easy to use, intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, interactive, dynamic, responsive, and interesting. It definitely ticks all the boxes. And for a site that sells fake boxes for you to tick all you want in the privacy of your own home, it’s what you want to see.

You don’t want to buy something you’ll be jamming your friend into from some shady looking site that can’t be bothered to take the time or effort to put together a semi-decent website? Do you know what I mean? If they can’t be bothered to do something as simple as that, what makes you think that they will take the time to follow proper safety and hygiene protocols in the production of your sex toy? You’ll buy a pocket pussy from some dodgy Japanese website, and the next thing you know, two weeks later, your dick is gangrenous and you’re cumming out of your eyes and nose! So, it is definitely reassuring and confidence-building to be greeted by such a professional and well-put-together site from the jump.

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