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Business,Sexuality What has Indian sex movies to offer for the viewers and why are they getting more and more popular over the passage of time? For one; they display cute damsels in the act of sex in a purely desi way. But that is not all and there are much more that goes on behind the scene. After all; it is not easy for any woman to indulge in sexual activities in the open when she knows pretty well that the same is being photographed and will soon become the viewing element for many. Nothing New or Out of Place In fact; sex movies are neither anything new or out of place in India only their definitions have changed over the years. There is however a big difference between sex as an art in movies and videos and purely pornographic contents displayed in either movies or in videos. Exploitation of sex in an artistic manner can be seen even in earlier Bollywood movies like the Sangam, Mera Naam Joker, and Ram Teri Ganga Maili among others in which sex was disseminated in an artistic manner by the great showman of India late Raj Kapoor. Trend of New and Offbeat Movies Thereafter came a time when a flurry of offbeat and new era movies hit the screen. Perhaps the first of them was B.R. Ishara’s Chetna in which the love of a prostitute with an innocent student hero was portrayed nicely. The movie had many hot moments with Rehana Sultana the heroine of the movie. There were others like Mandi starring Shabana Azmi and Chandni Bar starring Mumtaaz and many others. These movies displayed sex in a bolder manner than earlier movies. They were also distributed in form of sex videos in many places. Growth of Pornographic Movies However the sex videos and movies arrived in true sense with the advent of pornographic contents that had little in form of stories but much more in form of sexual encounters. Their popularity grew even more when some of the popular artists started participating in them. In the past such pornographic movies and videos including the high definition or hd sex contents were the exclusive domain of Southern film industry but later Hindi and Punjabi film industries took up and started matching their southern counterparts quite consistently. Late Silk Smitha and Shakeela of south were now given tough competition by artists like Sunny Leione and Priya Rai and many others. Cloning and Overtaking the West Western world had already taken to pornographic videos and movies long back and due to the social and cultural system prevalent in India which was rather conservative in nature, it took some times for the people and providers going for videos and movies based on pure sex what to say about Sex Movies. However, once started there was no looking back and today the Indian pornographic movies and videos are as advanced in technology and as popular as any of their western counterparts. Most of the porn movies and videos that are being distributed for private viewing in India contain cute damsels.

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