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Been getting a lot of alone time lately? Yeah, me too. The coronavirus has made all our lives weird, I’m kind of used to sitting around at home alone watching something interest on internet. This is actually the longest I’ve gone without getting run out of Starbucks for jerking off. Anyway, I bet you’re looking for something to enhance those solitary days, huh? I’ve been browsing love sextoys this morning, trying to find some new way to spice up my hourly fap routine. has been hawking high-end, high-class sex toys since 2017. I can tell you right now those assholes who sold me the cheap, leaky silicone butthole with jagged edges don’t have that kind of record backing them up. No shit, these makers of fine vibrators and cock massagers are pulling over 40,000 visitors a day! Some may be window shopping, I’m still waiting on my stimulus check, but I’m ready to blow it on a new machine that strokes my cock.


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