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Let's have a look at We hateboys With the massive fuck pile of porn sites that are available for free on the internet, you’re bound to have completely missed a few. Sometimes this is for the better, because there are a shit-ton of sites out there that are nothing more than a ton of shit, full of dismally poor site design, low-quality scenes, awfully low-resolution pics, or that basically just function as little more than clickbait marketing hubs designed solely to generate ad revenue. Not every unknown site out there, though, is the digital equivalent to a $10 back alley hooker (prepare to contract a virus either way). Some are just unsung for one reason or another, providing nothing but the best HD porn videos for free but are unable to compete with the giants of the free porn tube industry.

Those giants that I speak of are, among a few others, the free porn sites that everyone knows and loves: the sites of the Porn Hub network. The Porn Hub network is comprised of the tube sites that everyone and their brother faps to on a daily basis … Red Tube, You Porn, Thumbzilla, Tube 8, Porn MD, and, of course, the all-powerful industry leader, Porn Hub. This entire network, however, is owned by an enormous corporation called Mind Geek.

I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you that the free porn tubes of the Porn Hub network are not good tube sites. They most certainly are. And they excel at what it is that they do (offering millions upon millions of porn videos, both amateur and professional, while also providing strong community features that allow you to interact with other users and, thus, potentially get laid in real life). But to say that they are completely without their flaws would be delusional. One major problem that I tend to have with these bigger porn tube sites is the fact that they don’t tend to have many full-length videos available (unless, of course, you pay for the premium versions).

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